Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sci-Fi Hoedown: Dr. Who Season 1

Since I started watching Torchwood, and realized it was a spin-off of the new Dr. Who reincarnation, I decided to start watching Dr. Who as well.


This is the 9th Doctor, portrayed by Christopher Eccleston, who I find endearingly hot.  Does that make sense?  He is so dorky with his big ears and big nose and I loved him as the Doctor.  I loved hearing "FANTASTIC!" all the time on the show.   This is also Billie Piper who plays Rose Tyler; she of the overbite, slightly annoying accent (what is it called; cockney?) and WAY too much mascara.  I'm serious!  Have you seen the clumps that pass for lashes?  Yeesh.   I never quite understood why the Doctor chose Rose. Yes, he saved her in "Rose" but he's saved plenty of people, no?  She just seemed vapid, had a boyfriend Mickey and a mom to take care of.  Maybe he just liked her looks.

The episodes, much like Torchwood, are Sci-Fi silliness, but more family-oriented, while Torchwood is definitely for the grown-ups. "Rose" deals with saving Rose, and Mickey, from attacking plastic, mostly mannequins and garbage bins.  There's one with a huge piece of skin stretched on a canvas, Cassandra, who calls herself the last human alive when they travel 5 billion years in the future.  That was funny.   One episode introduces us to the actress Eve Miles, who later takes on the role of Gwen (she of the googly-eyes) from Torchwood, and another one has Naoko Mori who plays Tosh in Torchwood.

There are aliens in human-suits, we meet Charles Dickens, and we get to meet the dreaded Dalek race from series' past.  All the while, Rose and The Dr. develop a close bond that never crosses into the romantic.  It's slightly on the surface, but never pushes through.

I liked "Father's Day."  "The Empty Child" and "The Doctor Dances" were totally creepy-good, and introduces us to Captain Jack.  Yay!  "Bad Wolf" and "The Parting of Ways" brought together the Bad Wolf story arc, and looking back, I think it's why Captain Jack can't die in Torchwood.

It was sad to see Dr. # 9 leave,  (Various rumors, from "he only signed one contract" by the show to "I hated the work environment" from the actor, abound) but curious to see this David Tennant fella I saw in "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire."  On to Season 2.


Kristin aka kjnohr aka Trekkie Gal said...

I really liked Christopher Eccleston as The Doctor, which concerned me because all I kept hearing was that David Tennant was even better. I thought maybe I was going to be in the minority. But you know what? David Tennant IS even better. I hope you enjoy season 2. Did you know episode 4 (School Reunion) has Anthony Head in it?

Oh, and I like Rose's relationship with DT's Doctor, which made me like Rose more.

And remind me to check my comments for typos before I post them, ok? :D

Niki said...

Holy crap, i just watched that during the snow days last week.
I really liked this Doctor and can't wait to see the 10th.
I actually liked Rose. in fact, she's one of my favorite companions, but since i hated most of the others that might not be high praise.

Paula said...

Kristin said a lot of what I think -- I love Christopher Eccleston and I was almost determined not to love David Tennant as much, but then he came and had to be the most awesome ever. That said, I still love Chris Eccleston, too. :D

I haven't actually watched Torchwood yet and haven't decided if I do want to watch it. My husband really wants to watch it, but I'm not a huge fan of Captain Jack when he shows up in Dr. Who. Hmmm.

Heather said...

I really really REALLY liked him. I'm in the 3rd season of this version of Doctor Who and I am LOVING IT! I really liked the guy from season 1 best, and I honestly agree with you. He's hot in an odd way. His confidence is enticing lol. If you've not gotten to season 2 yet, I'm sure you will like the next guy (Tennant) too. I like him, just not as much as I liked Eccleston.