Friday, November 18, 2011

The IT Crowd

Jacob introduced me to a British comedy show, "The IT Crowd."  It's I.T. (Information Technology), not "it."


It's a half hour show (19 minutes because of no commercials) about the I.T. department in a random conglomerate.  It's RIDICULOUS and fun.  It shows the stereotype of all people who work in I.T. departments being geeky socially inept guys.  It's not for the kiddies; we have to watch when Isabel is not around.  British humor is a little different but fantastic.

Half the time, we're just watching the set design, yelling out things like "Look!  They have a 'Boards of Canada' poster!" or "The Flying Spaghetti Monster! or "HOLY COW! A Dr. Horrible Poster!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

 We're on Season 2 of 4, and they're very small seasons.

"IT Department, have you tried turning it off & on?"

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