Sunday, November 6, 2011


"Ringer" is a new series on the CW network starring our very own Whedon Alum...the Whedon alum...Sarah Michelle Gellar.  She plays twin sisters, dead ringers, and all their nefarious dealings.  (Jacob said he didn't understand why it was called "Ringer."  He'd never heard the expression "dead ringer" before!  What are they teaching kids nowadays?)

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Aaaaannd....It's a soap.  I do not like soaps, not even night-time soaps.  Didn't like "One Tree Hill," the new "90210," "Desperate Housewives," etc. etc.  I don't like soaps.

Sarah looks great. Older, but great.  She plays the sisters well.


How long can one watch something just to watch a favorite actor?  The story line is a little stretched, almost cliche'.  I know what's coming a lot of the times.  (Psssst.  That teacher, the hottie from "Veronica Mars" Jason Dohring?  Hundred dollar bet he and Siobahn's annoying teen step-daughter have an affair.  Betcha!)

One sister thinks the other sister is dead, so she takes dead-sister's place, but wait! Dead sister is not dead, she's hiding in Paris.  And Dead-Paris sister might possible be trying to kill pretend-her sister!

There's the obligatory blond-brunette-redhead.  (Sarah's 2 characters are the blonds, the cloying female business partner of Siobahn's husband is the brunette, and Siobahn's best friend caught-in-a-horrible-marriage-but-by-gum-she-loves-him-even-though-she thinks-he's-having-an-affair (he is, with Siobahn), Gemma, is the redhead.

I'll keep watching.  Maybe.  IT'S A SOAP!


Brenda*Nery said...

LOL you are too smart for these crappy soaps ;)
I don't like soaps either.
But I do watch desperate housewives sometimes cuz it makes me laugh.

Kaaren said...

I might have to take back the "I don't like soaps" thing because I LOVED "Gilmore Girls." Would that be considered a soap?

Kristin aka Trekkie Gal said...

Thanks a lot. I never looked at it as a soap until I read this. I did think it was kind of silly at first, but it's gotten SO much better. But now I'm not going to be able to watch it without thinking "I'm watching a soap!" GAAAAAAAAAAH!!

Niki said...

no shot i could watch this...