Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Pumpkin Carving Time!

When Halloween comes, we get all excited.  Not for the candy, noooo.  For the pumpkin carving!

Every year, we choose our favorite designs and have a go at it.  Here's what we did in 2009.  And our 2010 carves.

This time, Isabel and I worked on our pumpkins on Saturday.  Daddy was hacking up a lung so he was napping.

Pulling out the pumpkin "guts."

Isabel chose an owl to carve.  She did really good.  I'd say 50-60% was all her doing.

What would go good with an owl?

Jacob decided to carve his on Sunday.  David was still sick, so I carved my second pumpkin.  Jacob had a design chosen, so I chose one that would go with his.

Our 2011 Pumpkins!

Isabel's Owl

My Harry Potter!  aka Jacob. 

Jacob's Sweeney Todd carve and my  Mrs. Lovett from the movie "Sweeney Todd."


That's right.  Harriet Potter.