Monday, November 14, 2011

Buffy Season 9: No 2, Free Fall Pt. 2

SPOILERS AFTER THE PICTURE!! You've been warned.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 9 2 Pictures, Images and Photos

We're back with dead people with no discernible damage being found by the police.  Buffy's being followed by a demon, who wants to collect on a past-due college loan. *snort*  Buffy needs to deal with and understand how destroying the seed of magic has altered everything.  I got my answer from last review to my question (Also, I'm not sure if all the magic is gone. I mean, what's up with the green-ball-force-field thingy and the demons with the lighty spears?) from Willow: "All the Slayers, the vampires, even the demons with magical mojo, you all got to keep your power because it was inside you.)  10-4  Question answered, thanks!

The green-ball-force-field demon is hunting Buffy, not sure why.

The dead people? There's are missing persons reports...from like the 1940's, 50's, etc.  But they're all young.

Buffy sees a young man being chased by a vamp.  The young man tells Buffy he can help.  She ignores him and stakes the vamp.  The police catch Buffy staking it and take her in for questioning on the deaths of these other people.  They're probably vamps too - being so old and all.    It's odd to see that the police now acknowledge vampires, due to the events of Season 8. The female cop's kind-of annoying.   They just don't understand the "poof" factor.  Buffy bails on the police; not good.

As she goes on patrol again, same young guy being chased by a vamp again. The vamp and several others get a jump on Buffy and right as one is going to bite, his face goes slack, "un-vamps" itself and he's down.   The young man's hands are.....glowing/steaming.  His touch has caused the vamp demon to vacate the body, leaving the body intact.  Hmmmm.  What's this?

So far, so good Season 9.

(Side note:  Notice how the artist takes the time to detail the young man's beaded necklace and bracelet.  I found that to be a hard detail to have to draw over and over, and it caught my eye.  I think they mean something, and we'll find out about that necklace and bracelets later.)