Monday, October 31, 2011


This is my abuelito.  He is my father's father.

 He is 89 years old and lives in Puerto Rico.  He came for a visit this month and was staying at his sister's house in the Kissimmee area.  She's his younger sister; all of 83.  Due to some crazy changes, what was supposed to be his staying at my house for 4 days, turned into him leaving the day after I had arranged it for him to spend those 4 days with us.

Scrambling on a Thursday after work, David brought the kids to me at work.  We then spent an hour and a HOUR and a HALF, stuck in ridiculous Orlando rush-hour traffic!  Poor abuelo actually thought we were not coming.  It was a stressful ride (and I left straight from work, hence my looking like a lump) but we made it to see him.  We arrived some time after 6:30 p.m. and we still had to drive back home on this school night.

I wished he could have stayed.  Yes, he's old & persnickety sometimes, but he's my grandpa and my elder. I definitely can handle persnickety with respect.   I really wanted my kids to see him.  This is their great-grandfather after all.  They have two great-grandmothers, but only one great grandpa, and I really want my kids to say they remember him. I mean, he's 89.  He loved that Jacob is a musician.  My abuelo loves music; he sings and plays guitar.  He even makes guitars in his garage.

I gave him a careful hug; he's all angles and bones, and we talked while he ate at the house of a neighbor of his sister.

 Sadly, by this time the kids were STARVING and whining about it.  We ended up only spending about an hour with him before we had to turn and make the 1.5 hr ride back home.

Here's my abuelito.

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Ari C'rona said...

That's so cool! Love the video! :o)