Monday, October 10, 2011

Buffy Season 9: No 1, Free Fall pt 1

Buffy Season 9 has begun!

Buffy Season 9 #1 cover edit Pictures, Images and Photos
Steve Morris' cover is great.

I was 50/50 with Season 8.  The whole Angel/Twilight/whatever thing just.....*sigh*  It made my head hurt.  The last time a comic made my head hurt, I canceled my subscription *coughAngelcough*

I decided to just suck it up and continue with Season 9.

So here we are with Free Fall part 1.

I love looking at the individual cells to find miscellaneous items (Mr. Gordo! Who's the Japanese race fan? Did Vans sponsor this one? Yay, a Wicked poster!  Huh. That monster looks like Giles.)

Overall, it's a good start.  Buffy's trying to deal with what she's done; how she's made magic go bye-bye and all the guilt she feels over it.  What better way to get over guilt than to drown it is booze!  Yea! Cause that always helps.

There's the "Jane Doe" murders stating to unfurl in the background, the pink haired slayer is back and someone's put a hit out on our girl, but what else is new?  (Also, I'm not sure if all the magic is gone. I mean, what's up with the green-ball-force-field thingy and the demons with the lighty spears?)

Mostly, though, it's Buffy not knowing how to deal, in an adult way, with what she's done, hence the boozing and not remembering.

I'll be looking out for #2.

Side note from grammar mama here:

THIS IS DRIVING ME CRAZY!   Right there, the top panel.  Where Willow says "or You're being projecting-y."

I know that there's a huge problem with Your vs. You're.  I, for one, get it, but is the above the sign of someone trying too hard?

Let me explain.  when you say something like "It's your love of pizza that gives you heartburn" we understand "your love" is giving you problems.  So when Willow says it's not about blame or Buffy's being projecting-y, shouldn't it be "your being projecting-y?"  Her "projecting-y-ness" (possessive 'your')  is what it is not about.  Yes, "You're being projecting-y" makes sense in grammar.  You are being projecting-y.  But in the context of Willow's earlier statement, "Buffy it's not about blame," doesn't it make more sense to say "Buffy it's also not about your being projecting-y"  You would not say "Buffy it's not about you are being projecting-y."  Am I making sense?    Am I right here?  Grrr, Argh!

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