Sunday, November 7, 2010

Contemporary Chamber Music and Breakcore

It was a crazy music-filled weekend, centered around our son.

First, he performed with the Florida 2010 ACDA High School Honor Choir. Tryouts were done by submitting audio tapes of the performances. Not many people from his school tried out, but he was the only one representing his high school.

They performed Jonathan Dove's "The Passing of the Year," a composition involving a double chorus, two pianos and percussion. It was a crazy-hard performance, and they did wonderfully.

UNFORTUNATELY, our video camera is not digital, and until I can take the cassette somewhere to be converted onto a dvd, I have nothing to show you. I am hoping SOME parent uploads their copy to YouTube soon.



He was the only kid from his school, but his school's choral director still showed up, on a Saturday, to watch him! I was so impressed and happy.

We drove home to have a late lunch and then get ready for his live musical performance debut at the 2010 Deland Music Festival.

Jacob, (performer name Padlock), has been creating breakcore/electronica music for over a year. He has a lot of his creations on Soundcloud.

It's not for everyone, I know. He likes it and some of them are really cool. These are two of my favorites:

He was on stage 6 of over 25 stages laid out across downtown Deland. He had such a good time.

At one point, people started dancing. He had a steady crowd, but I could not capture it on video because it was too dark. There was also a young lady taking pictures of all the performers up and down the street. She stopped and stayed the entire set, taking his pictures and crowd shots.

And like I said, I don't have a digital video camera. I used my point and shoot, which only holds a few minutes of video, so I took random small clips of the night.

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