Thursday, June 19, 2008

Disney Pins

Back in 2000 or so, Jacob and I had annual passes to Disney. I was dating David, but basically, it was just Jake and me hanging out.

We started collecting Disney pins.

Disney Lanyard

These pins above are from 2000-2001.

Left side: GM Innoventions 2000 Pin from Epcot, a Disney Ears Holographic one, a character pin with Jacob's name, and a Tower of Terror pin with moving elevator shaft with Mickey and Pluto taking the plunge.

Right Side: A U.S.A. Mickey pin (purchased on 9/15/2001. Four days after 9-11. We had already had hotel reservations and out-of-town guests coming up. We went. Disney was EMPTY and solemn, and was rapidly selling out of thesem so I picked it up to remember. ), a twirly Epcot one (You can see the different flags underneath), a Haunted Mansion one and ..we have no idea what the last one is. I THINK it's from the movie "Atlantis." One of the vehicles they used underground.

The GM one is actually pretty cool. It was given to employees to wear. We had a friend who worked there and she gave it to us.

Special GM/Epcot Pin

In keeping with tradition, I wanted to get Isabel her own Lanyard and start collecting pins. This is her first choice:

Piglet Pin

Baby "Pigwet," as she puts it. I'm going to try to let each of them pick one out every so often. Jake is ahead, but he'll still get to pick one next.

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