Thursday, June 26, 2008

Dine & Dash

Can you believe people still do this?

We are at a Chili's last weekend. It's our favorite casual dining restaurant. Our waitress was very cute. Bubbly and sweet. You could tell she was new.

The table right next to us was occupied by a couple, in their early twenties. The girl had the mouth of a sailor. On a bad day. She was bad. The waitress would come by to check on everything, and the minute she would leave, these two would start their "F" Word fest, mocking her and pretty much everything else. It was disconcerting, especially having a 4 year old at my table, but she was coloring so she was oblivious.

Male of the couple goes to pay and his credit card is denied. Twice. So then he tells the girl, "I need to run to the ATM." I'm thinking the female would stay while the male went to get $$. No, they BOTH got up and left. Poor waitress had no idea what hit her. Eventually the manager was called, but these two did not come back in the 25 minutes we remained there.


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