Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Hide & Seek?

Isabel loves to play hide and seek. I sometimes walk in the front door, exhausted from work and the commute and the first thing I hear is her asking me to play.

The funny thing is the way she asks. This is all said by her without interruption or a pause for your reply: "Wanna play hide & seek Who's gonna hide I Will!" All in a rush. If I try to say that I'll hide, she'll squeal "Noooooo. Meeeeeee, pleeeeease??"

Also....she's not so good with the hiding. We usually play downstairs. I'll start to count in the family room. She'll giggle, RUN and then, *SLAM,* she closes the downstairs bathroom door behind her. *snort*

I pretend to not know she's in there and open the "Harry Potter" closet across from the bathroom. (It's the cupboard under the stairs, get it?). I open the closet and say "I wonder if she's in here!" And from the bathroom I hear a teeny, "No! I'm in here."

Sometimes it's the HP closet, sometimes it's the bathroom, sometimes it's the first pantry, sometimes it's the second pantry. Either way, SLAM! I know where she is. And if I don't....she'll just tell me.


Denise - Terras4TheHunt said...

Too funny! lol

Kellis said...

At least she doesn't just turn around and figure that if she can't see you, then you shouldn't be able to see her!!

Big Sis said...


Kaaren said...

She's a funny one! :)