Sunday, June 22, 2008


Really. Don't. Especially if you're my boss.

My boss is a generous person. He is always trying to help me out with things and so he loans me stuff.

When my camera died right before a vacation, he loaned me his. When I got it home, I noticed that it still had that protective plastic film thingy over it that comes when you take it out of the box. So, I peel it off. BIG MISTAKE. It was so old, the gum had deteriorated underneath and cause a huge goopy mess underneath. I tried and tried and tried to clean it and had to shamefacedly return it to him that way. He and his wife leave all the plastic thingies on all things like this. Who knew? *sigh* He eventually got the view screen cleaned up.

Next up, he loaned us his GPS for our California vacation. The GPS proceeded to freeze on us right before we left. It was nothing I did! I swear! But David ended up calling my boss at his home to figure out how to fix it. *sigh*

Next up, his pressure washer. When we were getting the little blue house ready to sell, we had a lot of mildew on our driveway. My boss loaned us his awesome pressure washer. No, we did not break it, but David loads it onto my Jeep completely dirty. I was horrified. My boss is meticulously clean. I had him take it right back off and completely cleaned, wiped and shined that puppy right up. I wanted it to look as nice as when we got it.

Most recently, the hand mini-spot cleaner. My Jeep's passenger seat has had a lot of action: tons of soda spilled on it, food, etc. YES, I cleaned it all up but there were still dark stains. It looked like there was fresh soda on it. My boss offers his hand-held spot cleaner, but with no instructions.

I spend a good half hour in the garage trying to figure this thing out. I was frustrated. I even got him on the phone. As I am on the phone with him....I drop it. And break some little tiny plastic catch that holds the clean water tank on to the unit.


I go on-line. I find the manufacturer's web site. I buy the replacement clean water tank and have it shipped to my home. Total cost with shipping? $45.

As I am leaving the website, I decide to look for the actual unit, complete. It's $32. *thunk* I rush and cancel the order. I can buy one entire unit for cheaper than the replacement parts? Hellloo?

I cancelled the order and bought a new entire unit. I figured I can take the water tank from the new one, replace it with his, and keep the broken water tank with my new unit. It still works, you just have to hold on to it.

Phew. New unit ordered.

Forward 4 days and I have not had any shipping confirmation. I e-mail the company....who proceeds to tell me via e-mail that it's back ordered...for 2 weeks.


I've already had this thing for a week and a half. BACK on-line I got, to order that danged $45 water tank thingy. It arrives, I fix my boss' cleaner and return it to him.

Two weeks later, and my new unit arrives. The NEWER different-colored model!!!! LOL They ran out of his model and replaced it with the newer one! Had I not gotten the replacement water tank, I would have STILL had to order it, because the one from the new unit would never have fit!!

OMG! I felt like I was in a Shakespeare comedy of errors!

Don't Loan Me Things!!


m. said...

Keep up the good NaBloPoMo work lady! You're doing great. :)

Kellis said...

Holy smokes... I mean this with lots of love in my heart, but I'm shocked that your boss still lends you his stuff. ;)

You are such a responsible borrower though. I think it's admirable that you always (or at least try to) return things in exactly the same condition. Too bad they keep the plastic cover things on electronics. Peeling that stuff off is one of the best parts! haha.

Kaaren said...

I know Kellis. Why leave the plastic thingy on??

And he doesn't even know about the carpet cleaner fiasco. LOL

I want to treat people and people's thing's like I would want me and my things treated. With respect.