Friday, June 27, 2008

Invisible Monsters

Wow. Yea. Wendy. What the....

Invisible Monster

Wendy sent me her copy of "Invisible Monsters" by Chuck Palahnuik. He wrote "Fight Club" (never read anything by him until now.) Some bartender recommended this book to her book club. Your book club met at a bar? Sweeeeet!

Um, so. The book deals with a young, narcissistic fashion model who gets her lower face blown off by a shot gun and how she meets a transvestite/transgender WoMan in the hospital. It details the scams, drugs, crazy past lives of allthe strange characters we meet (a gay brother, a policeman finace' with a Speedo and "dirty male porn" obsession, transvestities and nuns).

The book is crazy fast. It's told in the first person and her memories jump here and there and everywhere, revealing little bits of her story that culminate in surprises as you go.

This book? NOT for the tight-laced, goody-two-shoe section of society. Not even close. If you are prim and proper, and I have NOTHING against prim and proper, I like prim and proper, run away as you will be shocked by the language, the sexual context, the gore, the absolute vanity and vapidity (is that a word) of this character.

The girl and her world are whacked. It wasn't bad. The way all the characters are eventually weaved into the final story is really good. It was just more raw than I am used to.

Yea, Wendy warned me.

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