Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Your Driving 'Cracks' Me Up

Lunch break. I'm driving back to the office with my soup and salad (and a Father's Day gift for David). There are 3 lanes heading west. There's a guy in a really old sedan hauling a U-Haul trailer several car-lengths ahead of me in the right lane.

U-Haul-Trailer guy proceeds to cross the other two lanes to his left, in order to get to a left turn lane, only he doesn't wait for room. He sort-of just goes and makes everyone slam the breaks until he makes it over.

As I drive by him, muttering "Moron," I turn to look at him. His windows are tinted. I see only his silhouette... he lights a crack pipe.

Nice. This explains the driving.

1 comment:

Niki said...

gosh i miss living in Florida; really; the drivers alone make me long for the days when i took my life in my hands everytime i merged onto the freeway; no wait...
that's one of the reasons i DON'T live in Florida anymore