Friday, March 2, 2012

Twilight Series, Revisited

As you know, I enjoy listening to books on cd in the car on the way to & from work.  I tend to do books I have already read.  I don't want to listen to a book that I have not had the pleasure yet to read.  I want a refresher and like to hear the reader's spin on everything.  Some readers are great, some are horrendous.

I decided to listen to the entire "Twilight" saga on cd.

I do not remember disliking Bella so much.  "Twilight" was sort-of ok on cd, but listening to the reading of "New Moon" is killing me.  I remember being "Meh" when I read it last, but now she's really bugging me.  WHO loses months of their lives and cannot remember what has happened, while they're actually going through their day?  She "wakes up" and wonders when Angela got her hair cut?? What?

She's written ridiculously in this book.  I am constantly rolling my eyes at the stupid things she says and does.  The angst at her losing Edward gets old after hearing about the hole in her chest for the 50th time.  She's completely batty and I was hoping Laurent would eat her this time.

I am enjoying Jacob. He's more believable.  Well, except for the being a werewolf part.

The reader does a fare job. Not the best I have heard.  I am not a fan of the way she says "Bella." BEH-LLA, with this weird pause and Italian-like accent.  *shudder*

I have two more audio books to go.  Wish me luck!


Niki said...

There is not enough money on the planet to get me to read New Moon again. Ever.

Kaaren said...

LOL!! I know Niki, I know.

Just bad writing.