Thursday, March 8, 2012

Special Birthday Dinner

The birthday person in our home gets to choose where they want to go to dinner.  I gave Isabel a couple of cool options that I figured she may not have thought of on her own.  She chose T-Rex!  From the people who brought us Rainforest Cafe, T-Rex Cafe is all about dinosaurs.

Luckily, while looking at their page on Disney's site, I saw they took reservations and made one.

BOY, am I glad we did!!  WHAT a mess!  Saturday night and the lines were all over the place.  There were super-duper long walk-up lines, lines to say you had a reservation, lines to wait for your reservation to be called, lines for walk-up calls.  It was a mad house.  It was bad and we were in shock.  Jacob was being completely snarky about the mess, making rude comments,  and I had to snap at him several times.

Luckily, the reservation line was not too bad.  People kept cutting in, then realizing they were in the wrong line, etc.  We were in that line for about 8 minutes, got our slip and moved to another line to be called.

Isabel models her new dress and sweater

After maybe 10 minutes in the "have a reservation, waiting to be seated line" we get taken back to what we called "The Ice Room."  We got an awesome booth right under the T-Rex skeleton.

The room kept changing colors, which messed with our eyes a bit.  Every 20 minutes or so, they'd have a meteor shower in all 4 dining areas.

Very noisy!

Why are they both so weird?

We chose the cheapest things we could and STILL blew our monthly "eating out" budget in one sitting. Yay Disney!

Then, of course, we had to get dessert so they could sing to Isabel.

After dinner, we walked through the busy Downtown Disney area.

Lego Store

Inside the Lego store, we looked at all the cool things you could buy.

$400 for the Death Star??

Howdy Partner!
After walking around I but, I cried Uncle due to my knee and we headed on home.


Niki said...

Too expensive for my blood, so i'm glad you went there and took pics.

Kellis said...

Dang,that restaurant looks FUN! Isabel is so stylish.