Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Last Full Play of the Year

This is the last full play for the year. It's also the last play of many students' high school career; more than half the kids in the troupe are seniors, Jacob included.

In the Middle of Grand Central Station

This time, instead of acting, Jacob was the sound designer.  Sitting in the orchestra pit, Jacob was hidden from the audience as he selected and played the music that the main character listened to throughout the play.  A lot of the music he played was his own and he'd switch up what he played from night to night (3 nights).

Peek-a-boo.  Time for a quick sound check before opening the doors.

On night 2, I volunteered my time and car/gas to drive to get the pizza that would be sold at intermission and donated my time and cupcakes for their fundraiser, then I helped set up and helped during intermission concessions.  All the money goes to getting the acts that made it to State over to the competition in March; hotel, transportation, food.  Jacob's going to State.  On night 3, since I did not get to see the play on night 2, I watched the play.

I love the Arts in schools.  Jacob found his passion for music though piano classes offered in school.  This led to his joining the several choirs and ensembles he's in, which led him to join the drama troupe as well.  I really wish other parents, especially the parents of the kids IN the arts, would volunteer more of their time and money to help out these talented kids in these programs.  We don't live in a wealthy county and don't have the resources that other counties do.  It's up to us parents to lend a hand.  I am so proud of these kids.

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