Sunday, October 19, 2008

New Moon

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We finished "New Moon," book 2 in the Twilight series. It brings in to the forefront another character, Jacob, an Indian on a reservation with a secret of his own. Edward was not around so much (bummer) until the end. I don't know that I understood the depths of Bella's despair through most of the book. Well, maybe a little. I mean, it's Edward. Speaking of, I totally get his reluctance to change Bella. She really doesn't have a full grasp of what she's asking him/his family to do.

We liked this book, just not as much as the first. For me, it felt like setting up for the next two, which are not out on paperback, dagnabit! I bought the first two in paperback. I'm an either/or girl. Either all hardback or all paperback. Grrrr. Anyone want to buy these two paperbacks off me? :)

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