Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Spring Break in West Palm Beach

Sounds exciting and exotic, doesn't it?  Not so much.  Hee hee.  I grew up in WPB and 2 sisters still live there, along with a niece, a nephew and 2 bro-in-laws.

When sister Vicky found herself unexpectedly without child-care for 8-month-old Ava, I volunteered to drive down with Isabel and spend the week babysitting for her.  Jacob opted to come along too.

We drove Monday evening after a doctor's appointment for Jake and got there at bed time.

Tuesday through Friday was spent watching Ava and hanging by the pool.  What a good little girl! I can eat her up!

Pool Time!

Cousin time!

Nap Time! Hey, it's Spring Break!

Dinner Time!  Cheesecake Factory for dinner....

and Sloane's for dessert!
Speaking of Sloan's, we found it more than a little funny that it is situated in between a MedSpa and a Personal Trainor.  Heh.

The kids ride the carousel.  He's still a kid. 

Gorgeous pork-chop legs!!  Little Diva like her

Still loving pool time.

Vicky hanging out by the pool after work.

We left Friday after lunch and a little Target shopping.  Not a super-packed Spring Break, but good enough for my wallet's sake.  :)  David?  He had to work all week and missed us a lot!

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