Friday, March 30, 2012

District MPA

Jacob attended this year's Solo & Ensemble Music Performance Assessment at the District level.  There is also a District MPA for full choirs on a separate date.  I could not attend the full-choir one because I was at Legoland that day. :(

I did get to attend the Solo and Ensemble night and got a few videos.  Jacob was in an all-male ensemble, but refuses to let me upload the videos.  He did not like how they performed.  He is also part of a mixed ensemble called "Encore."  These, he let me upload.

My son, by the way, is not shy.  This year, his senior year, he has ZERO music classes.  He could not fit them in his schedule and was bummed, but he still committed to singing in the men's group, Ensemble and Concert Choir.  Even though he did not have any classes, his teacher let him take music home and attend after school rehearsals all year long so he could continue his love of singing.  (Thanks Mrs. King)  So, he's not in any classes and yet he's the one introducing the men's small group and the Encore choir in front of the judges when none of the other kids wanted to.  Not shy.

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