Thursday, March 15, 2012

Legoland Field Trip

I chaperoned Isabel's 2nd grade class as we headed to Legoland Florida.  No where near Disney, people.  It took over the Cypress Gardens Park that closed down years ago, and for that, I am happy.    It took us about an hour and a half to get there from where we live.  We lost a lot of time just driving and by the time we got our tickets from Will-Call, we had exactly 3 hours to eat lunch and walk around the park before we had to be at a Legoland educational presentation.

At the educational presentation

We only got to go on 4 things (Dragon roller coaster, carousel, bouncy drop ride and a Men-in-Black/Buzz Lightyear-style laser shooting ride) .  I wish we had had more time, because I really can't even say whether or not it was worth it, but Isabel seemed to enjoy herself.  The admission is rather pricey, but the school discount was phenomenal!  Thanks Legoland for great school field trip pricing!


Niki said...

But you know that what i want to know is how was the educational program?

Kaaren said...

The talked gears, levers and pulleys, and the kids got to create a car out of Legos using all 3. It was cute. There's a picture of Isabel holding a car she helped her team make.