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I don't think I can put this in my Sci-Fi Palooza category but I LOVE SHERLOCK!

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Season/Series 1 only had three episodes, but they're each an hour and a half long. The show "Sherlock" is so much fun.   Set in modern times, the wit, the insight into what's going on and Sherlock's complete social ineptitude are great to see.  He has zero social skills.  He's worse than Cordelia-Blunt and does not understand why everyone gets offended.  I enjoy the way the show portrays how his mind works, with little words flashing on the screen.

Benedict Cumberbatch.  Seriously, what parent names their kid that?  My son loves that name.  I saw Benedict in "Starter for 10," a movie I liked a lot where he played a complete tool and "Atonement," where I hated his evil character immediately, so when I saw he was playing Sherlock I said "Oh, it's rapist guy from 'Atonement."  His eyes are so clear, they're creepy.

Martin Freeman plays Dr. Watson.   I am a fan of his, from "Love Actually" (quite possibly one of the best Rom-Com's ever) to the original "The Office," to "Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy" (awful movie, but he was in it.)  Dr. Watson is an actual medical doctor and war veteran looking for a place to stay after having come home from war.  He ends up being Sherlock's roommate and crime-solving partner and is often mistaken for Sherlock's lover.  Dr. Watson writes a blog throughout the show, where the public can follow their capers.

I wish the seasons were longer!  Although they are about an hour and a half long each, there are only 3 per season and only two seasons are out.  Most of the episodes are loosely based on Doyle's "Sherlock" series (which I have not read. Shame on me. I'll need to get on that.)  There's even a VERY creepy Moriarty in the mix; good casting.  He creeps me out!  Season 3 is on hold due to the fact that Martin Freeman is playing BILBO BAGGINS!!! in the upcoming Hobbit movie, and Benedict is doing both Smaug the Dragon using mo-cap suits, and also voicing the Necromancer in the same movie!!  So exciting!

If you're interested in a good show, check out "Sherlock" on Netflix.

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Kristin aka Trekkie Gal said...

Benedict is also playing the villain in the next Star Trek movie.