Thursday, April 5, 2012

Eric Whitacre's Virtual Choir 3: The Photo

You might not know who Eric Whitacre is, unless you're really into classical music.  Mr. Whitacre is an amazing contemporary composer who does some wonderful work.  His music has this...haunting, fantasy feel to it.  I am a fan, but Jacob is a REAL fan.   Look Mr. Whitacre up on You Tube and Wikipedia too.

For three years now, Mr. Whitacre has conducted a Virtual Choir that performs one of the pieces he has composed.  People from all over the world download the music based on what they sing (Bass, tenor, alto, soprano) and  record themselves on video singing (with no background music - usually they're listening to the music on headphones, etc.)  The videos are uploaded to his site and he and his team put them alllll together to create a virtual choir

Here are Virtual Choirs 1 & 2.

Year one only had 185 people.

Virtual Choir 2 had over 2000 submissions.

They are still working on Virtual Choir 3  and it will be available some time in April.  This year, 2,945 people submitted 3,746 videos from 73 countries.

One of those was Jacob's.

and HERE is the picture!  Click it.  It's Huge!   Jacob is 19 rows down, the 15th person in.  Can't see him?


I Can't WAIT to see how it comes out!

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