Friday, August 12, 2011

Crazy Busy Summer

Well, our computer hard drive has gone kaput.   I am currently borrowing a laptop to update all the crazy.

Now remember, I had David's family at our home at the beginning of July.

Then my sister had her baby...but I had to go to Panama a few days later.  So we drove down to West Palm on a Saturday to meet wonderful Miss Ava, only to turn around the same night.  The next day, Sunday, I had to fly to Panama.

I was in Panama Sunday through Saturday.  Saturday, right from the airport, they take me to see Harry Potter.  I was exhausted.  Sunday?  They wanted to go to Busch Gardens before vacation, so off we drove 2 hours to Tampa.  Went to work on Monday and then...flew out on our 9 day vacation extravaganza on Tuesday. 

Vacation was from Tuesday through the following Wednesday (9 days).  Home on Thursday (computer is now dead), work on Friday, drive back to West Palm because my mom was leaving back to Puerto Rico on Sunday and I had only visited with her that one Saturday before I went to Panama 3 weekends prior.


We have HUNDREDS of pictures and several videos.  Not sure when we'll get to work on the various video clips and edit them now, but I'll be posting some pictures on this laptop.


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