Sunday, July 10, 2011

Family Fun

David's sister and family are still here.  They spent a a week down at a hotel in Orlando for the gymnastics competition and then for their vacation.  Then they moved over to our house for four more days in the area. The first night they arrived, we made Harry Potter cupcakes.

Saturday, we headed over to Universal Studios/Islands of Adventure to do some of the shows and playgrounds they did not get to do during their week here already.

As always, click the pictures to make them bigger.

Back left: Ethan in blue, Jacob, Emily, Jennifer,
David (pushing Juliette in a stroller, but you can't see her), Leif.
Front: Ellianna and Isabel.

Emily loves pink.

Ellianna & Isabel


Jennifer & Juliette come down the water slide in Fievel's Playground.

Isabel & Juliette's turn down the slide.

Isabel and Ellianna play inside a car at "Curious George Goes to Town" playground.

We take a break to watch the "Animal Actors" show. 
 After the show, we headed over to "Disaster: A Major Motion Picture Ride."  It's an interactive ride where the audience becomes part of the movie.  They asked for several volunteers, including three evil henchmen.  Behold evil henchman Jacob.


After all the different scenes and actors are shot, you head into a subway tunnel and sit in a train to film a major disaster in the subway station.   After everything is done, they play back a movie trailer that includes Dwayne "the Rock" Johnson and all the volunteer actors edited in the scenes.  It was a lot of fun.

It was a HOT day.  David, Isabel & I left around 5-ish.  Jacob stayed with everyone else and they headed over to Wet N Wild to end their day with cool water rides.

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