Saturday, August 27, 2011

Day 6 continued: The Beaverlodge (oh, and Glacier too)

....and enter into this.

A ginormous cabin.  Two beds, a couch that pulls out into a bed, a little kitchen area with fridge and microwave, a dining room table, a fake working fireplace, an exercise bike, a tv, stereo, etc. etc.

We were pleasantly surprised!  Of course, again, no AC, but they provided us with two fans, which were at opposite ends of the cabin, providing a cross breeze, and we also opened windows.

We unpacked the vehicle and decided we were hungry.  The main house, with the 3 rooms to let, also has a restaurant, open to the public.  The owners do all their own cooking.  We locked up and walked over to the main house to have ourselves some dinner at 5 p.m. 

Mmmmmmm, burger with a big ole onion ring on top
After dinner, we headed back to the cabin.  Two of the owners' five dogs followed us back.  Isabel was in love.  They were all amazingly sweet.

Since it gets dark so late here, almost near 10 p.m., we hopped in the car after dinner and headed towards Glacier National Park, only a few miles away.

We stopped at the first Visitor's Center for a bit.

"Carry me, daddy!"
We only stopped in for a few minutes because the centers were all about to close, and we'd be back tomorrow anyway.  We decided to drive around the park.

There was a second Visitor's Center, closed at this late time in the day, but still with snow.  Isabel was very excited to see it, so we took a little walk around the center's grounds.

This empty parking lot is only because the center is closed.
Tomorrow? COMPLETELY packed and crazy.

As we headed towards the parking lot, there was a flurry of excitement from everyone in the area.  Some big-horned sheep had decided to walk into the parking lot and slurp on a rivulet of melting snow that was heading down the sloped parking lot.

They pretty much ignored everyone taking pictures and video of them.   It was pretty neat!

We continued driving around, taking pictures and admiring the scenery and then decided to head back to the cabin. 

At the cabin, we walked through a small wooded area to use the locked restroom that belonged just to our cabin.  It was clean, well lit and nicely decorated.  We went to bed with the windows open and the fans going (again to wake up in the wee hours of the morning to close windows because it was freezing in the room).


Big Sis said...

Nice, Yay!, and Fun.

Susan Magnuson said...

You were at Logan's Pass visitor center and the big horn sheep and mountain goats are drinking anti-freeze. They can't keep the animals away so daily the animals come at closing time. Last year Amy, Cheyanne, Tom and I were in the parking lot at that time after a hike on the snow.