Friday, August 12, 2011

Panama in July

Panama....Panama ah ah ah ah ah.  I always sing Van Halen when I think the word Panama. 

I was off to Panama in July to help the branch for a week.  As always, I enjoyed this city and all its people, but this time, I was really lonely for my family.  It was a looooooong week of eating meals alone and walking around the blocks near the hotel after work (it stayed light out very late).  I even walked to a mall nearby to get gifts for the kids and some magnets for friends.

View from my hotel window

My room

Little snack left at my bedside.
I flew home on Saturday and was whisked go see the last Harry Potter movie.  Luggage still in the car, we drove to the theater.  I was exhausted but with our crazy schedule, this was the only time we could see it before vacation.  Why not Sunday?  Because David wanted to go to Busch Gardens 2 hours away.  LOL  Yes, long week and weekend.

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Big Sis said...

OMG! I HAVE NOT even read this blog yet. But when I saw the title I started singing Panama! And I said to myself That's what David Lee Roth said.

We are def related. Sorry lol