Friday, August 19, 2011

Vacation Day 3: Jackson, WY & Grand Teton National Park

Thursday: Day 3

We woke up early in our little cabin, got dressed and headed out to (an expensive) breakfast.  Seems that everything is pricey out here because they know we really don't have much choice. *sigh*  It was good food, just WAY more than we normally spend on breakfast.  It was more along the lines of what we spend for dinner.

We walked through Jackson and went in to several of the stores there.  Jacob forgot a sweater/sweatshirt.  We told him to pack one but he forgot, so we needed to go get him something.

Isabel gets a Hi-5 from a local

Walking through Jackson. Notice the hills behind us.

I just liked the fence around this property.  :)

After checking out of the cabin, we drove in to Grand Teton National Park where we decided we would hit the visitor's center and then take a hike.

Jacob's new sweatshirt. I want it.


At the entrance to one of the visitor's centers at Grand Teton.

They like their moose.

Jacob takes a shot of his sister inside the center.
After the visitor's center, we drove through the park, stopping at a location that had some structures still standing from when Mormans built a little community together.

Normally, settlers liked living apart from each other.  Not the Mormans.  They built communities, helping each other build homes, raise crops, take care of the children, etc.

A few of the remaining structures of what once was a Morman settlement of over 60 buildings

We jumped back in the car and got to the main trailhead area, where we lunched on sandwiches purchased at a small grocery store, purchased bottled water and got ready for our 4-mile roundtrip hike.

The scenery was gorgeous! 

It was a cool day, the weather was perfect, the hike was fun and then...."I have to go potty."  "Hold it." "Nooo, I have to poop!"

We'd been walking for just a little over 25-30 minutes and little Miss has to go.  *sigh*  We were probably 3/4 of a mile out.  I decided to head back with Isabel while David and Jacob went forward.  They actually went even further than planned.

Here's what us gals missed.

"insert angelic music here"

"The hills are aliiiiiive, with the sound of muuuuusic."

Us girls? We waited in line for a toilet, spent another 5 minutes in it with Isabel, then went to the gift shop to get some ice cream to eat while we waited.  It's all good.  :)  We went into a smaller visitor's center, looked at books, played with antlers and waited for the boys to return.

After the boys got back and filled up on water, we headed back to the car.  We have to drive further north to stay at our next location this evening: Old Faithful Inn inside Yellowstone National Park!!  SO excited to get there!  See ya later tonight!


Big Sis said...

Love the pic Jacob took!

Niki said...

I want a moo-ose!