Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Vacation Day 2 Continued: Jackson, WY

Still Wednesday.  After leaving Golden Spike, we headed towards Jackson, WY because were were going to Grand Teton National Park.  We took Logan Canyon Scenic Byway in Utah and stopped at a lookout point to look at Bear Lake.

The kids looking at Bear Lake.

She's trying to grow out her bangs.  :)

After the pitstop, we continued in to Idaho just for a spell

and quickly made our way into Wyoming.

I'm pretty much in love with Jackson, WY.  aka Jackson Hole.  I'm not sure I'd live there, mind you.  The COLD!  But for a tourist town, it is beautiful!

This night, Wednesday night, was the only night we did not have any lodgings prearranged.  I relaxed immediately upon entering the outskirts of Jackson, because there were plenty of vacacy signs.  David wanted to see what was closer to the beautiful downtown, so we drove in.

We drove by a little place called the Kundar Motel and thought, "what the hey...let's try there."  The man at the front desk had a vacancy; a room in one of the converted houses near the back, not one of the log cabins.  I was not really impressed with it and David went back with the key to let the man know we would keep looking.  David them came back with another key to a cabin.  A couple that had been there before us had the cabin key to look at it, but when they realized it was available only for one night, they declined, so the cabin was available for one night.  It was adorable and we took it!

Cabin 16

Hello Ya'll!

The second bedroom.  The bathroom is behind David's back there.
After bringing in the luggage, we decided to walk down to the town center to see what was around.  Apparently there was going to be a shoot-out at the center park of the town.

There were two of these arches in the center square of town.
We saw lots of restaurants, shops, coffee houses, a few play-theatres and one movie theatre.  What were they playing?
Good Choice, Jackson.

David was is a tizzy to go see if we could spot any wildlife at dusk in Teton.  We wanted to walk around the town some more.  David promised that we would walk around some more early in the morning, since check-out wasn't until 11 a.m., so we drove into the National Park, but we did not see any wildlife.  We did stop for a sunset view of the Teton Glacier.

That's the Glacier in the middle there.
After looking around a bit, we hopped back in the car and headed back to town where we had an outdoor pizza dinner at Mountain High Pizza.

We went back to the cabin to take showers and get ready for an early night in. 

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