Thursday, August 25, 2011

Vacation Day 5: More Yellowstone

Day 5: Saturday

We woke up in our now-chilly cabin, got dressed and headed out to get breakfast and explore more Yellowstone.

Here's a plethora o' pictures. (I can't really remember what everything was. David would roll his eyes at me.)

I photobombed Jacob's picture of this bus.

New shirt and hat combo.  :)

At one point, we went on Uncle Tom's Trail.  About a mile walking and then you get to this;

..over 300 steps down.   What were we going there for?

and this.
Then, of course, there were the over 300 steps back up.  IT WAS HARD WORK!  Wow.  We'd stop every flight or so to catch our breath.  The altitude!

Then we went to "the stinky area."  Mud Volcano Basin.  Stinky stinkiness. 

Sulphur Cauldron

We drove around some more of the park and then headed back to the cabin.


Big Sis said...

Great pics!

Ryan said...

I bet you didn't even TRY looking for the letterbox I planted there. ;o)

-- Ryan

Kaaren said...

Sorry Ryan! I thought about checking for LB clues, then just said "Nahhh. We'l be too busy."