Friday, August 26, 2011

Day 6: Leaving Yellowstone for Glacier

Day 6: Sunday

Time to leave our cabin in Yellowstone.  We left super-early, already on the road at 6:30 a.m.  What did that early travel time get us?

A glimpse of our first (and only) grizzly bear
You should have seen the excitement as cars and tour buses pulled over to get a look at him.  He ambled across the road, 4 cars ahead of us, without a care in the world.

This guy was just strutting his stuff.  He was literally prancing across the road, all "howdy do?"

We were leaving Yellowstone but still stopped at a few scenic spots to take a look.

Chilly morning!

The early morning lighting was gorgeous.

Looks like snow, but it's not.  It's calcified rocks.

Goodbye Yellowstone

We drove and drove.  We were heading for the east entrance of Glacier, near Browning, Montana, which is in the  Blackfoot Indian Reservation.  Now, we've seen other towns located right outside state parks.  Beautiful bustling towns like Jackson, WY and other small towns outside various exits of Yellowstone, so we're expecting a really nice town.  Browning...was not.  It was so very very sad.  The place was like a ghost town, with few buildings even open.  I was so sad.  They have all this potential, the reservation Indians, and they do nothing with it.  Could you imagine the amount of money they could bring in, to revitalize their town and make it gorgeous?? And yet the town was sad, abandoned and a bit scary.  After seeing a male resident strike his companion outside a Subway restaurant (I kid you not) Jacob asked "Please, tell me we're not staying here?!?"  We were not.  We were staying a few miles outside this city.

We're driving out of the city on this empty road and we eventually find where we are staying. And I'm like "What...has David done?"

We're in the middle of nowhere.  The house above? It's the main bed and breakfast, with 3 rooms and a restaurant.  This shot was taken while standing in front of the detached cabin that the owners own.  They own the B & B with the 3 rooms and the restaurant, our cabin, plus about 8 spots for people with RV's to hook up and camp.  They also have their personal home at the end of their property, by a pond.

I'm trying not to freak.  The door doesn't have a lock; or rather, it does. A padlock.  We get handed the keys to the padlock, plus a stand-alone bathroom for our use only, in a separate building.  There are 3 shower/bathroom stalls for use by the RV people, and one bathroom with a key that belongs to people renting the stand-alone cabin.  That would be us, the Beaverlodge residents.

We open the door........


Big Sis said...

Eeeeeek ;)

Kristin aka Trekkie Gal said...

Oh, way to leave us in suspenders!

Susan Magnuson said...

Browning is where Amy & Jerramy want to end up at when she becomes a doctor. It is a very sad place. When we drove through, I thought the very same thing.