Friday, October 24, 2008

Dinner and Intrigue

Last Saturday, we had some letterboxing friends over to the house for dinner

Scarab and Night Owl (his wife) came down from the DC area to visit their daughter Alexa, because she attends Embry-Riddle, a fantastic school In Dayton (a friend of mine went there to be an airplane mechanic). She's studying....some kind of engineering. I forgot! We offered them our guest room and they were our guests for 2 nights.

The Gamecock (Mo) stopped by as well for Saturday night dinner.

Scarab had this AMAZING AMAZING BOX, that I don't know if I am allowed to tell anyone about! Gah. (I took pictures but don't want to post them without permission).
Between David's History brain and Mo and my logic and deciphering skills, we managed , in THREE HOURS, to figure out ONE clue. It was wild.

We had a long night of dinner, coffee, cake and brownies, stamping, frying our brains on clues. Much fun was had!

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