Thursday, October 23, 2008


I was late to work this morning, due to no fault of my own.

I drop Jake off at school on my way to work. It's about 4 blocks out of my way, and then the same 4 blocks back.

The school has the parent drop-off area well planned. It looks a little weird but it keeps traffic moving. They have all drop-off traffic and students with cars go through this round-about loop through a couple of parking rows that eventually weaves around to the semi-circular drop-off area. Once you get to the drop off area, parents dropping off stay to the right, while students going to the student parking lot stay to the left and keep going around the loop, to their parking area.

I drop Jake off at the loop and merge with the student drivers going ahead (this is always scary, they drive too fast through there and don't know what 'merge' means). Right before the right-turn for student parking, (I go straight out to the main road), a school security officer runs in front of my car with his arms up, asking me to stop. He starts speaking into his walkie-talkie. Traffic is now backing up behind me. I hear him say something about "If I let this Jeep go, they'll get away." He taps my window and I roll it down.

He says "The car behind you just picked up a female student off the curb. We can't let that happen." I hear him talk on the walkie and say "I got them, I need an administrator here immediately." A golf cart shows up, as well as a man in a suit. They tap on the window of the car. The girl gets out. They make her get in the golf cart and the guy driving (young, but not sure if he goes to the school or not) gets out of his car. They tell him to get back in his car and pull into the grass. He does, and they block his car with the golf cart.

Had she waited for him outside of school grounds, like down the street, they could have gotten away with it. My thinking is, she either takes a bus or has a parent drop her off. Either way, she's on school property and cannot leave then.

The security officer thanks me and lets me go.

All the while I am LAUGHING aloud, saying "BUSTED!!!"

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