Tuesday, October 21, 2008

What About (Sponge)Bob?

So 'Bob made it to Boston.Remember, this is Spongebob # 2. Number 1 was practice. How, you ask? Very very carefully. :)

First, Bob was placed on a cake board and covered in plastic kitchen wrap. He was then wrapped in tissue paper and placed in a cake box.

The cake box went to work. I wrapped the entire cake box in lots of industrial cling wrap - the entire box. Then I got another box, a cardboard one and padded the bottom inside of it with bubble wrap. I put the cake box in and padded the sides and then the top.

I stuck some "This side up" arrows on it and sent it on it's way, Next Day Air.

The next day, Boston gal calls very happy. But first off, she almost killed the express driver who was carrying the box....upside down. The "This side up" stickers facing down! When she opened the box, Spongebob was fine and dandy. His black shoes had popped off his legs, but that's just fondant that can easily be put back on by wetting the fondant with water.

The cake was a hit. Here it is at the party and with the party boy.
Oh yea. I made a third one. IT went to Maryland. More on that one later.


Lissy said...

Uh...Selling your cakes?? Kewlo dude!

Niki said...

to maryland?!?!?!?!?!?!
but i didn't receive it!!!!!!

Kaaren said...

Hey Lissy, yep I sold them both. With the $$ I made I bought two different types of expensive fondant (not that Wilton crap). We'll see how it tastes.

Niki - sorry. Another Maryland friend.

vanitylovelicious said...

Cool good Money making fun hobby for sure!
Love the cake!
Can you make a Prince one?...;)

Kellis said...

This is so unrelated, but I used to work for the 1st aid division of Cintas, so the box made me laugh. :))