Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The "internets" is fun

Hee hee.

Find me on here.



Big Sis said...

Hey how did this come about?

Kaaren said...

Some people have programs that search the web for topics. That blog was about the Bronte Sisters (authors), so when I posted about Emily Bronte's Wuthering Heights book, their program caught it and sent them a link.

*I* found it because my blog's on a website called Technorati. it tells me when other people are quoting or linking to my blog. I usually only check Technorati like once a month.

Big Sis said...

Pretty damn Awesome,
thanks for the explanation...;)

Niki said...

That's cool, but kinda... ummmmm... disturbing. Sometimes it freaks me out a little to be reminded that what we post is really going to the public. I normally think of my blog as a place where my friends are seeing a glimpse of the Nikiverse and completely forget that anybody could be reading it!