Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Wizard/Dumbledore Cake!

For those of you new my blog, I should tell you that I make cakes. Fancy Schmancy Cakes. Let me take you back through some of the ones I have made. These are on my old Friendster blog. Eventually, I am transferring everything to Blogger, but in the meantime, just keep hitting your back button to get back to this post.

It started with a book I bought.

After a few weeks of collecting the supplies, I tried my first one: A Pixie Teapot House. For a first ever attempt, I think it's T-rrific.

Next up is still my all-time favorite: The Grandfather Tree. He turned out amazing!

Third up, is a Booby Cake. LOL I never posted pictures, so if you click the link, you've been warned. It's not too bad, but still....boobies. I made it for my nephew's 21st birthday.

The next one was a Snow White Cake. Soooo cute (and notice there are no "back of the house" pictures. Not pretty. LOL)

I made a quick one for the neighbors-who-moved-away to thank them.

Then, I took a break (read: mortgage went up, spending went down. LOL)

So here I am in 2008, and here's the new cake. It's a Wizard Cake, but I want to call him Dumbledore cause I can. Nyah! As always, clicking on the pictures makes them bigger.

Buttery Goodness!

Bite Me, says the cake!

Yes, these towers of cake and butter cream are going to be really cool. Just wait!

The "stone table" with the green tablecloth is prepared.

Then Dumbledore's body is shaped. His body is that tall tower of cake you saw above.
Side note: I tried a new fondant brand that I bought on line. LOVE IT!! WAY better tasting than the Wilton brand you can get at Wal-Fart and Michaels. I also bought a new Gum Paste brand, which I HATED!! I'll be sticking with the new fondant but the old gum paste. I had issues with it. Just check out the wizards hands and magic globe - more like a magic pancake - the paste would not set. Grrrr.

Say hello to Dumbledore. He has glitter all over him but it looks...dusty in the picture. The poop-looking thing on the pink sponge is his staff, BUT as I said the gum paste was bad the darned thing took long to set. Check out his flat hands. LOL Stupid gum paste.

Little mouse taking a nap on Dumbledore's books.
Some bags o' magic stuff.

Potion bottles.

Potion book and candle (and mushy ball.)
Isn't he swell!

Oh, I finished him up at midnight. Isabel and I hacked into the table today after dinner. :)


Ryan said...

I like the new blog--when did you start it? And your cakes are absolutely amazing! I'd seen some of the pictures in the past, but I still find them absolutely amazing and the amount of *detail* that goes into them. In a word--WOW!

Big Sis said...

Looks Awesome, loved the boobie cake of course. That was a cool part of Jon's surprise 21st.

Anonymous said...

Bowing ... I've spent the entire night putting off making stupid chocolate chip cookie pan thingies. I'm not worthy. ;) The boobie cake is awesome.

Shazamela said...

Very cool! The pirate ship cake I made for my son's 4th pales in comparison. Did the wizard cake come out of the same book?

PDX Wolf Pack

Kaaren said...

Yep. same book. I own two of her books now. Have some more experimenting to do. :)

Niki said...

Very nice. Now if only you could figure out how to ship one...
Someone you know is having a birthday soon; ask your husband when it is!

Kellis said...

Looks great Kaaren!! See... even you said the brown thing looked like poop!

I don't know how you find the time. Glad you found a new fondant. Bummer about the paste! :( Looking forward to seeing your next creation.

. . . Lisa and Robb . . . said...

Holy cats and kittens!

That's AWE SOME!

Jennifer said...

Hi, Kaaren! You are phenominal with cakes. I was hoping you could give me some advice!

I want to make a Harry Potter cake that's like a cauldron potions set-up for my 18th birthday. I can't find a cauldron cake-pan anywhere, so what different shapes of cakes should I use stacked and carved to make a cauldron?

I'd appreciate advice :D

please e-mail me at

-Jennifer S