Thursday, April 3, 2008

Vay Cay Shun..Two

Thursday. We got up early and got ready to meet Jake's grandpa Al down at the Navy Exchange. He was doing us a favor (THANKS AL/POPPA!!!! You Rawk!) by taking time out of his day to meet us there. For what? I'll tell you tomorrow!

After that we headed to IHOP for brunch and then drove around the city of Orlando, I-4 and then hopped off into Winter Park. This is a shee-shee beautiful, rich city, with a wonderful downtown area. We found a spot on the main road, parked and walked through the park by the train station and down the busy streets full of beautiful shops and boutiques.

They are hosting this art project right now. Artists from all over got to paint on these "ArtyGators." The Gators were all over the place; on street corners, in the middle of sidewalks, down side streets. They were amazing. The artists are very talented. We went out sans camera, so here are some Gator-Shots taken with my camera phone.

(sorry: Was working on the blog on the old computer and it froze. Here are the pictures)

Here's a surfing one. Forgot what it was called, but you can see Isabel there. She loved them all.

This one's for you Heather. It's called LitiGator. :)

This one was beautiful. Something about Grapes.

And of course....GatorGator. GO GATORS!


Big Sis said...

I don't know where the pics are that you took with your camera but I clicked on the artygator link and saw those. Pretty cool !

Big Sis said...

Hey thanks for the pics. How Cute !