Saturday, April 26, 2008

That Just Happened!

That Just Happened! # 1

The scene: Me driving my Jeep on my way to the post office on my lunch break.

I am in Northbound traffic. North and Southbound traffic have the red light. There are two lanes for North & South traffic, not counting turning lanes. Same thing with east and west traffic. I am in the left lane waiting at the light, so I can get on the Westbound road.

East and West bound traffic have a green light and are a go.

I am talking to David on my cell, discussing cable stuff. I see a man riding a bike. He is heading southbound, so he is basically coming "at" me.

Me: So when is the cable going to be fixed?
David: We have an appointment tomo....
Me (interrupting): DUDE, ARE YOU INSANE??
David: Huh?
Me: There is a guy on a bike and he just crossed west-bound traffic to the middle concrete section, and the traffic has the right of way!!!!
David: Oh.
Me: That guy is going to get hit! What an idiot! I hope he stops! (guy on bike is now riding on the concrete median. East & west bound traffic is still going full speed.)

Guy on bike then gets OFF median and proceeds to cross the east bound traffic side......and rides INTO the rear of a car that just went by at 45 mph. Guy falls off bike, bike pieces go flying, other cars screech to a halt.

Me: HOLY CRAP! The idiot just pulled into traffic and got HIT!!

People are getting out of their cars. The bicyclist is already on his feet trying to pick up his bike which had its front wheel mangled, and find his lost flip flop.

The guy was TOTALLY at fault. On the way back, I see him standing in an empty lot, talking with the police, pointing at something. I was hoping he was NOT blaming the driver of the car. A couple of witnesses were pulled over with the cop as well, so I did not stop. That Just Happened!

That Just Happened! # 2

Driving on a toll road today, David says "Awe Man!" at something. I ask him what's up. He said he was being tailgated by a Toyota Forerunner, who then sped by him doing at least 95 m.p.h.(cause he was going 80 - lol). The Toyota then weaved in and out, in and out, driving like a maniac. David was hoping the guy did not get around a huge truck that was blocking everyone's way, but Speed Racer managed it.

About a mile later, right before our exit, we see a motorcycle cop (like CHiP's only......FHiP's. Ok, not as cool), taking off from his secret hidey hole, with his lights flashing.

Me: Oooooh, I wonder if he's going after speeding guy! Cause that would be awesome.
David: Man, we're at our exit!
Me: Go, go go! Follow that cop!
David: Seriously?
Me: Yea! What, we have to be somewhere? Go!

We ignore our exit, and keep driving. About a mile later....BOOOYAH! FHiP's just pulled over Toyota Forerunner Guy!!

Me (clapping): Now THERE'S a cop when you need one!!

That Just Happened!


Kellis said...

I love it when justice is served!!

Big Sis said...

I just read your blog and loved it.
and It just happened.......lmao