Sunday, April 20, 2008


Cause I am woman, hear me!

About a month ago, the kid's sink in their bathroom started acting up. It is a one-handled faucet that you turn either left or right to make hotter or colder. It started leaking and would not shut off completely.

While David's youngest brother was here, it would not turn off at all. I took it apart while he was here. He probably thought I was a nut. I ended up shutting off the hot water main under the sink, so that when you rotated the handle to the left, no water would come out. At least they could use the cold water for teeth brushing and hand washing. Just no hot.

I went on-line to research the brand and see what parts I would need. A trip to both Lowe's and Home Depot proved futile; they did not stock the parts I needed. I was NOT calling a plumber and paying him $60-$100 to fix something I thought I could fix.

I went back on-line and purchased the parts I thought I would need straight from their site.

The parts arrived last week and I finally got to it yesterday.

Old and new parts, side by side.

The mess
$10 later and BAM!!!
Plumbers? We don't need no stinkin' plumbers!


Kellis said...

I am totally impressed! There's nothing you can't do Kaaren. :)

Big Sis said...

Ok, so David don't know how to do this? Carajo ! See speaking out loud again........lmao

But you do good girl.