Sunday, April 6, 2008

Vay Cay Shun..Three

Friday and we went Walt Disney World!

Remember when I mentioned that my ex-father-in-law/Jake's grandpa Al met us at the Navy Exchange on Thursday? He was helping us buy our Disney Florida Residents Passes. As Florida residents, we get 365 days a year, plus free parking for LESS than an out-of-state person can buy a two week park-hopper, NOT including the free parking we get. As a relative of a military man, we get about a 10% discount and no tax. (If you buy a one-day park hopper, you are nuts, and are spending over $116 to do so. The more days you buy the cheaper it is, but really, who is going to buy a two-week consecutive park hopper. I digress).

We talked and talked about going for years. It's cheap considering the daily price, but it's expensive too when you have to plop out a chunk of change for 4 people. Jacob and I used to have them ourselves when it was just us two. Buying for four is a different story. But we saved and saved and saved, and took Isabel to her first visit ever!

(Hey Desi, what's Darren doing there? heehee. He reminded me of pictures I've seen of Darren out of the corner of my eye. But Darren's wife is way prettier. LOL)

Here she is, walking into the Magic Kingdom Park. It was HOT. Of course.

Here they are, watching a duck family walk out of the castle.

Her first ride HAD to be the carousel. She loves them. She did not quite understand "lines" and "having to wait in them." She whined and cried a few times, pushing me in the butt, trying to get me to move already. Poor thing. We did Aladdin's carpet ride, the Dumbo ride, she ran through a water play area, another kids play area, we walked the Swiss Family Tree House and watched a parade.

We were tired so we took a leisurely ride on the Tomorrowland Transit Authority ride. We caught a show at the castle, and then headed home.

The sign of a successful day.


Big Sis said...

Que linda se ver dormidita! Looks like a blast of fun!

Kellis said...

I wanna go to Disney world!!! Glad Iz's first trip was so successful. :)