Thursday, April 17, 2008

A Very Bad Most Horrible Day

Poor poor Isabel. Poor poor poor poor baby.

We had an appointment at a new doctor's office. Our doctor of 13 plus years has some ..issues. No clue what happened, but after us going to the same place for 10 years, he closed his solo practice down and joined another practice in another building/city. Fine, we moved with him. After less than a year there....he moves again to another practice in another city. Then WE moved. By this time, it was over an hour drive to get to his new place. We decided to give him up, asked our cool neighbors who moved (wahhhhh) and went to their pediatrician's office.

Isabel was all bundles of cute happiness. I scheduled a "well check-up" or a physical, since she has not seen a doctor in over a year. She was so excited when they called her name, when they weighed and measured her and when they took her blood pressure. It was downhill from there.

They needed to check her crea-hemo-hexa-something, no clue. So they quickly prick her finger and drew blood. She's in shock! How dare the doctor do this! (It was a nurse, but to her, they were all doctors). Two seconds later, they stick a needle in her forearm to test for....I so can't remember. They make the skin puff up right under the skin. By this time, she's crying hard.

The doctor comes in. Nice young lady. She sees Isabel and says that when she read Isabel's chart, it told her that Isabel was on the heavy side.

This girl right here, heavy.

But then she said that Isabel looked "solid" to her. She checked her ears, told us there was a lot of wax, and sent in a nurse to clean out her ears with a warm water jet thingy. She cried bloody murder. It was not painful but she was so not happy. After about 20 minutes of trying, they only got a little bit out, and sent us home with ear drops.

Then, a shot. Out of the blue.

Poor poor baby. It was a very bad, most horrible day.


Kellis said...

That sucks. I hope she doesn't hate going to the doctor's from here on out. :(

Big Sis said...

Remember how Gorda you were? Izzy is fine. If the doc saw how well fed you were as a baby the doctor would pass out. You were so cute! Now docs want the kids to be thin. But "rea mem ber wii gut da Puerto Rican bow"