Saturday, December 3, 2011

2011 Deland Music Festival and Padlock's Performance

If you recall, Jacob took part in the 2010 Deland Music Festival.  He even got a mention in the newspaper!  This year he signed up again.

After the ACDA concert and lunch, we headed home. Jacob and a friend headed off to the festival early.  I was to meet them later with the 6 foot long table he was going to play on.  Call me RoadieMom.

It started drizzling.  Yikes! Not good for Jacob's equipment.  We drag the table from the Jeep to his corner when he suddenly realizes there are no speakers set up.  He asks the person "running" the corner where the speakers are, and was told that the owner of said speakers took them home because of the rain.

Jacob was near panic and MAD.  While his friend watched our stuff, we walked over to the event staff tent to see what we could do.  While the event coordinator placed some calls on his walkie-talkie, Jacob looks over to the corner he was on last year.  We decide to head on over and see if the guy had any set cancellations and could he fit us in.

Thankfully, he could!  He had one cancellation and another person who wanted to go on earlier than she was scheduled for, so we got a slot right around 8:00 p.m.

We owe the owner of the sound equipment, DJ Excite, a load of thanks!

Jacob, aka Padlock, played a 45 minute set.  Here's a video of about 15 minutes worth of music.

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Getcho Freak On!!!!
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