Monday, December 19, 2011

Panama in December

I just got back in from a week in Panama.  I flew down to train the new Admin.  I made them all cookies as Christmas gifts.  Only 3 of the 24 cookies got broken (My bag got tossed by TSA.  The cookie tins might have confused their X-rays).

I arrived in Panama the same day as Noriega came back to the country after a 20-year absence.  I had no clue.  Luckily, I had arrived hours earlier and did not get the crush of reporters and traffic.

After checking in, I had lunch, took a nap, then met a co-worker for dinner at a local restaurant I could walk to.  On the way back, I heard loud music.  There was a Christmas parade in front of the hotel!  FUN!

I took these two videos with my cheap camera.  It was a fun parade.

Most nights I was on my own, but there's so much around.  There is a mall within walking distance of the hotel.  EVERYONE walks, so I felt really safe.

Walking back to the hotel from the mall.  
This is a hotel that connects to the mall via this walkway.

I also happened to arrive during the two or 3 times a year when Panamanians get an extra paycheck.  Everyone gets paid at the same time.  Everyone.  The 15th and the 30th.  Two or 3 times a year they get a second paycheck.  This is when I came.  Traffic was a NIGHTMARE.  People were out to spend their dough.   A 3 minute drive from a certain corner to my hotel took 25 minutes.  I kept telling my co-worker I would walk, but he would not let me, as I had caught a cold and it was raining.  He refused to have me get wet.  Poor guy still had to fight the traffic home.

From my hotel window.  Jam-packed traffic stalled in this area for at least half an hour.
It was another eventful trip, but boy did I miss my family and am glad to be home.

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Brenda*Nery said...

I love seeing your adventures! You live the life! A complete one. You are truly Blessed ;)