Sunday, December 11, 2011

Another Day at the Estuary

I chaperoned again for Jacob's AP Environmental Science class in November.  We headed over to the same estuary as last time.

He was in my group this time, so we headed off to do some bird watching.

After that, we did some water testing.

My feetsies were COLD!

On the way back, I spotted a turtle.  We named him lefty because he was missing his right claw.   The people at the park were going to take him to an animal rescue site to see if they needed to help him along.  He looked like he was doing alright to me.

Hi Lefty!
Then, it was time to get into the water.  COLD WATER!! Holy cow, and it was higher than last time too.

Yep, I am in the water too, taking these pictures.

We were joined by another high school that was only there for 3 hours (we were there for like 6).  Our school learned last time to not mess with the lady who ran the place.  She did. not. play.  After a few run-ins with her, Stoner learned his lesson last time.  We all behaved.  This new school had not met her before and incurred her wrath.  The difference between that school and ours?  Some of their male kids talked back to her.  They were completely rude, especially one kid who thought he was the king of the park.  *head shake*  At least our kids complained quietly to each other the first time.  Not these kids.  One teacher had to tell the kid to let it go already because he was being a jerk.  Ahhh, respect.  We miss you so.

After changing and having lunch, and that other high school left, we worked on a CSI-style case.  Our group was one person short, so I teamed up with a student to help solve the case (we did!)

It was another fun AP Environmental Science field trip.

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