Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Running a 5k at Disney

I signed up for the 2012 Disney Royal Family 5k, part of the Disney Princess Half-Marathon Weekend in February!

As a non-runner, this is a big deal for me, so you marathon runners, no scoffing!

I walk on a treadmill at home.  I try to use it at least 3 times a week, sometimes more, often less.  :(   The company I work for has health incentives that lower the cost of of insurance premiums; participating in 10 events/online courses/challenges/surveys/physicals, etc.  By participating in the plan, I am paying almost half what my non-participating counterparts are paying.  But we have to participate! If we don't, next year you cannot qualify for the discounted rates.

This year, the plan changed, causing us to have to go "outside" to earn at least 3 of our 10 yearly points.  Hence, my trying a 5k.  A few coworkers in other cities that I communicate with have done 5k's (3.1 miles or so).

I have had friends run the Disney 1/2 Marathons and the 5k's so I thought, I can train up to 3.1 miles.  There is a caveat; you have to keep a 16-minute-mile pace.  On my treadmill, I have been averaging an 18-minute mile pace on average, but I figured with extra training tips from the health plan website, I could bump that up.

Finally, I signed up.

$50 gets you:

5k Tshirt
Finisher Medallion
Official Reace Program Guide
Goody Bag
On-course and Post-Course refreshments.

If you're not staying on-site (me) you have to get in Epcot by 4 a.m.!   Here's a map I found online.  Not sure if it changes every year. 

Here's a picture of last year's medal.

(Not my picture/hand. Found online)

I'm going solo so far.  I've invited some sisters and ex-sisters-in-laws to go, but still no takers.  Anyone care to join me? 


Niki said...

You go girl!
I am so impressed with your drive.
Not impreseed enough to train and then come to FL to run, but still pretty dang impressed.

Kellis said...

I wish I could join you! That actually sounds pretty managable and fun!

Kaaren said...

I wish you would too. I have been having REALLY BAD knee problems and am scared I either won't run, or will run and ruin my knees. Aaaaak