Friday, December 9, 2011

More of Isabel's Art

This blog has been All-Jacob All the Time lately.

Little Miss Isabel is still a wonderful, sweet amazing child.  She's a top reader in her class, having recently been the first of 2 kids to reach the "100 Books Read" mark since school started, and getting a medal for it this past week.  She loves Rock Band.  She finally learned to ride her "big bike."  She could ride bikes without training wheels for a couple of years but she'd been riding her baby bikes.  She got a "big bike" with hand brakes in March and had been terrified to ride it.  She finally got riding it down because I told her she could get a bike bell for the bike once she actually mastered riding it.  *ring ring*

Here's some more of her computer-drawn art.

She called this one "Me Outside."

This one is called "Inky Mess." I love the perspective.

Glacier National Park
And lastly,

"Dudes Funny Thing"
She's pretty awesome.  She's my Sugar Muffin Lumps.

Aaaaand, she decided to cut her bangs by herself; they were in her face.  0_o


Hendel D'bu said...

uh-oh! Well, hair grows :-)

Love the art, especially the Glacier ones - very, very cool. Thanks for sharin'.

Brenda*Nery said...

She is such a good artist. Shows how smart she is the way she sees things.

I totally love "Inky Mess" amazing stuff