Sunday, September 7, 2008

Scrappy Gals & Halloween?

Last weekend Saturday was spent at home in our PJ's ALL DAY. I decided to bring out all my scrapbook stuff and make some cards. I asked Isabel if she'd like to help. She thought it was great fun. Check out some Isabel originals.

Sunday we went really late to the Magic Kingdom, but they were open until I think 11 p.m. anyway so we had plenty of time. Jake, on the other hand, opted to go to the mall with a girrrrrl and the girl's mom.

As we arrived at the Magic Kingdom, on September 1 mind you, we realized something was different. They had decorated for Halloween. Click the pictures to make them bigger.

We like it! I love the pumpkin man behind pumpkin lady here. He's holding a Mickey Doll. Speaking of Mickey's, we found this Hidden Mickey in the garage of Mickey's House. There was another one; rocks in the grass of Mickey's backyard of his house, but it was too dark and my camera's night shot stinks.

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Big Sis said...

I love how I can click on your pics and they get HUGE!