Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Enough with the plateau already!

This plateau-ing thing is KILLING ME. Last week Monday was Labor Day, so I was off and did not weigh myself. I like to weigh myself on the same day, same time to have accurate results. I decide to weigh myself on Tuesday. Gained 3 pounds. WHAT? Is that right?

I weigh myself yesterday, Monday, LOST those 3 pounds. Back to where I started from. I'm still at -25 pounds, but I'm a little bummed.

The good thing though, is this:

Click. Make Bigger-er.

Those shorts up there? Size 8. From before Isabel was born! Whoot! I pulled them out this Saturday just to see. A while back, I could not get them passed my thighs. Then, I could, but I could not button. Then I could button but not breathe (not to mention the "muffin-top" issue). Saturday, ample breathing, zero muffin-top.


Kellis said...

Maybe you are losing fat, but gaining muscle. (Especially if you're doing Tai Bo.) I know, I know... I'm sure everyone is telling you that. And it's little comfort when you're staring at the scale. But the proof is in the pudding. You're in shorts BI! (Before Isabel)

Congrats!! Be proud of yourself.

Kaaren said...

I am BEYOND exctied about the B.I. Shorts let me tell ya! That's why I was not so bummed about the plateauing thing.

Niki said...

you look great. How much more do you think you need to lose? Cause i agree that your weight might not be moving cause you are turning fat to muscle.

Kaaren said...

Well, I want to be around the weight I was when I got married. I'm thinking 10-15 more.

I do lean towards the muscle thing because the shorts fit.

Big Sis said...

You look great girl.
See you can tell in the pics.
So no worries.
I am down 32 lbs as you know.
I gained 2 on my PR trip.
But I weighed myself today and they are back off.
My new goal for December- 41st bday,
160 pounds. I am now at 168 from 200 in May of this year.

Kellis said...

This is unrelated to Kaaren, but I want to say CONGRATS to Big Sis!! That weight loss is so awesome. Great job!

Big Sis said...

Thanks Kellis
Kaaren looks awesome!
I just want to encourage her and let her know that even though the pounds don't come off.
You can see it in your clothes and pics for sure.
I was just so big at 200 and I could not breathe walking at the mall.
So We all know what we should eat,
we all know what we should do.
It's just very hard and the hardest part for me MY MENTAL HUNGER......LOL