Friday, September 5, 2008

Je Ne T'aime, Brassiere!

I hate them. Do you? Cause if you love them, you're kind-of twisted. OUCH! First thing I do when I come home is take the darned thing off (and change shirts if necessary). Usually one can find one laying about the house, discarded like last week's leftovers.

And no, they were NOT invented by Otto Titzling. That's a joke. If you don't get why it's a joke, keep saying that last name until you get it. They've been around for centuries, so I don't even really know who to point my disapproving finger at.

Evil, evil slings of doom!


Big Sis said...

What is it that you actually wear?
the bra or the crazy "Faja"?

Kaaren said...

A Faja? Are you nuts? LOL Those are only worn by grandmas.