Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Isabel and her new VPK program bring all sorts of fun things home, especially sickness! Yay! I'm enjoying all sorts of phlemy yuckiness.

Still reading "Don Quixote." Also reading "Pretties" when Don Quixote makes my eyes cross.

I was upstairs and left "DQ" downstairs (oh how I wish that meant Dairy Queen! *drool). I yell down for Jacob to bring it up for me. He comes up stairs, hands it to me and says "Your Don Quixote."

Only he didn't say it "Your Dohn Kee-ho-tay" like a Spaniard. He said "Your Don (like Don Johnson) Quick-Soat (like soap only soat)."

Cracked me up! Every time I have the book now, or need the book found, it's "Don Quick-Soat"

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